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Annabel Hunt is a founding Director of Darkside Rising CIC, using her passion for creativity and background in heritage and the arts to create art-based mindfulness projects to support mental health and build community.

We are currently running two art-based mindfulness projects.

Untold Art

The Untold Art Project is a new 12-week online intervention, for 48 beneficiaries, to support Lincolnshire women who have been disproportionately affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. Awarded from the Lincolnshire Community Foundation and Lincolnshire County Council Fund, this project supports women who are:

  • Key workers
  • Clinically (extremely) vulnerable
  • Socially isolated and suffering from poor mental health
  • Cancer patients who have had treatment delayed
  • Recovering from Covid-19
  • Paid and unpaid carers
  • New mums / single parent families
  • Suffering domestic violence and abuse
  • Bereaved

It combines specialist art classes with mindfulness in order to improve mental health, connect individuals to a wider community and relieve social isolation. Participants will also receive a small art pack towards the end of the project to help them continue their practice. 

As our battle against Covid-19 continues, it our social imperative to identify and deliver innovative methods of supporting the mental health and well-being of those who need it the most.

Running between February and April 2021, this project is now full.

28 Days of Mindful Art

Inspired by the Untold Art Project, which has seen an unprecedented response to recruitment, 28 Days of Mindful Art will be an online course, held on the course platform LearnWorlds, in which beneficiaries will be guided through daily, 10-minute videos of art-based mindfulness. It has been funded through the SHINE Network’s Community Asset Development Fund 

Utilising a layered and progressive approach, each session will build upon the successes of the previous in order to improve confidence and skills and ensure accessibility for those with serious mental ill health. No specialist art materials will be needed.

By creating an online daily course, we aim to remove the barriers to access that some of our participants across our projects have identified, such as anxiety related to in-person and Zoom sessions, and the inability to attend specified times and days. 

Currently in development, the course will be piloted August 2021 with 3 groups of 12 women who live in Lincoln City South:

  • Young women (aged 14 – 25 years)
  • Adult women (25 years +)
  • Autistic women

The course will then be offered to local Social Prescribing Link Workers, between September 2021 and February 2022, for their Lincoln City South clients to undertake on an individual basis to support their mental health.

I am really enjoying the course and loving seeing everyone’s brilliant artwork and getting to know all the lovely people each week.

My favourite part of this project has been the sharing part because I love seeing everyone else’s work

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