Our first ever project bid, we have a thriving Postnatal provision for women at risk of postnatal depression and anxiety, either through our Postnatal Projects, or subsidised postnatal training.

Postnatal Project

Currently delivered online, due to Covid-19, our Postnatal Project delivers specialist strength training sessions to 8 women at risk of postnatal depression and anxiety.

It also includes peer mental health support and mindfulness meditation, to improve mental health and bring the community together. 

Our artistic director, Annabel Hunt, has been working with them to illustrate their postnatal mental health journey through image, poetry and prose, which will then be shared across our social media platforms to educate and inspire.

The Postnatal Project began in November 2020 and is currently delivering until April 2021, though we are looking a further funding opportunities to continue and expand our provision.

So far, we have seen a reduction in anxiety symptoms of 21%, and reduction in depression symptoms of 30%, during a global pandemic.

Subsidised Postnatal

We also have a small postnatal training fund at Darkside Rising, created through the Lincoln Community Lottery and fundraising events. This will ensure that anyone finishing a funded postnatal project will be able to continue training at a subsidised rate for as long as they need to.

As of the end of February 2021, we have so far subsidised 172 sessions, at a cost of £1116.

You will be coached by…

Rachel Height

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