Previous Projects

Here you can find further information about previous projects that have now finished.

Postnatal Community of Strength

Delivered on behalf of Darkside Training, the Postnatal Community of strength was a specialist strength training project for women at risk of postnatal depression and anxiety. It ran for 26 weeks between November 2019 and July 2020, supporting 36 women, and was supported by an investment from Wave 9 of the Mental Health Promotion Fund.

Over the course of the programme, we saw a 29% reduction in postnatal anxiety (from mid-range mild-moderate anxiety to only just symptomatic) and 15% reduction in postnatal depression (finishing with an asymptomatic average score). A great success given the latter half was delivered during the first national Covid-19 lockdown.

A number of beneficiaries are continuing their training, subsidised through our own small Postnatal Fund.

As my 26 weeks on the postnatal project comes to an end, I just wanted to say such a big thank you for putting on such an amazing service. Knowing I had that weekly class really kept me going as a new mum. The exercise made me feel so much better in myself and the social side of it was invaluable. I made new friends and gained so much support through Darkside. The fact that the project was funded meant I didn’t have to worry about being able to afford it whilst on maternity leave, and meant I could do something once a week for me, without feeling guilty. Being able to bring the baby meant I didn’t have to worry about childcare. It really was such an amazing time for me that massively helped my mental health. I don’t know what I would have done without it.


Darkside helped me gain a confidence that had been forgotten pre pregnancy and my body gained a strength that had also been forgotten. I have never come across a gym that facilitates children; everyone there helped with them while we were able to train. As well as the physical training, being able to talk to other women about the struggles of motherhood had a healthy impact on my mental health and programmes such as this should be offered to every woman who has experienced child birth and the after effects of it, both physically and mentally.


Pelvic Floor Project

Delivered on behalf of Darkside Training, the Pelvic Floor Project was funded by gap funding from Wave 9 of the Mental Health Promotion fund. 30 women undertook 12 weeks of dedicated pelvic floor health sessions, with breathing exercises and mindfulness, to improve symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction and mental health.

The demand was this project was extraordinary, with 30 spaces filled in 3 days, a mix of new mums and older women who had been suffering for years after the birth of their children. Common symptoms included urge and stress incontinence and participants would often limit social activities and exercise, reduce fluid intake and wear pads because of this.

Between December 2020 and February 2021 we saw a 35% reduction in pelvic floor symptoms, with beneficiaries expressing an increase in confidence and physical awareness of their pelvic floor and an intent to continue practice to reap even greater benefits.

There was also a 13% reduction in anxiety and 23% reduction in depression. Though the improvements in anxiety were modest, the project began in December and continued over January and February, the hardest winter months of lockdown 3.0, and so we consider any decrease at all to be a success in this context.

I have noticed a real difference since doing these sessions. I still have an occasional issue, but it is markedly improved from before starting the sessions.

I really feel the course has been excellent. Emily is a brilliant teacher. I have learnt things I have never known, and Emily teaches it in such a simple patient way the information sticks.

“My stress incontinence has improved greatly now…I barely leak and sometimes not at all during running. Before there were occasions when I was completely soaked. 

Spectrum Project

Delivered on behalf of Darkside Training, the Spectrum Project was a programme of strength training, mindfulness and mentoring for autistic women and girls. Between July 2020 and March 2021, 20 autistic women took part, we have seen increases of 20.8% in physical health, 13.7% in psychological health, 8.6% in social health, 17.5% in environmental health, 9.9% in quality of life and 10% in health satisfaction.

I have really enjoyed this project. It has really increased my confidence and has given me opportunities that I would not have had. Regular gyms are uncomfortable, and the Spectrum project has allowed me to experience a healthy gym experience. Thank you, so much.

Heroes’ Project

Delivered between July and December 2020, and funded through a grant from the National Lottery Coronavirus Community Support Fund, the Heroes’ Project involved a range of online exercise, mindful-art and meditation sessions to female key workers in Lincolnshire to improve mental health, build resilience and create community.

And ultimately, to say ‘Thank You’, to Lincolnshire’s key workers during Covid-19.

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