Strength in Cancer

The Strength in Cancer Project has now paused whilst we finalise a new funding bid. We will update with further news shortly

Launching May 2021, the Strength in Cancer Project is a 26 week programme dedicated to improving the mental health of female cancer survivors, during and post treatment.  It will provide adapted strength training for 24 participants, working in semi-private groups of 4, tailored to suit each individual. 

Supported by an investment from Wave 10 of the Mental Health Promotion Fund.

Strength Training

This project will be embedded into our existing infrastructure, delivered by exercise professionals with a Level 4 qualification in Cancer Exercise Rehabilitation. 

Drawing from a body of research and specialised exercise intervention, strength training is recommended during cancer treatment and is notoriously difficult for women to access in a safely coached and structured manner. 

In addition to reducing the risk of developing further cancers, strength training has been shown to reduce treatment side effects, improve mental health and reduce pain perception.


Participants will have access to mindfulness sessions twice per week for the duration of the project, incorporating art, movement and meditation to improve resilience and mental health.


Participants will build social networks, community and peer support in order to improve their recovery.

This project is inspired by Isla, a young lifter from Darkside Training who was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Thankfully, she is now well on her way to recovery.

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